Unique Wedding Dresses

All brides are unique and deserve Unique Wedding dresses.

A wedding dress is not just any dress. A wedding dress is the most special and empowering dress you will wear and remember for the rest of your life. 

You seek for a unique wedding dress to impress and glow in like an angel. Question is what makes a wedding dress unique for you? A unique color, theme, style, perfect fit, exuding glamour or simplicty?

In the articles below, you will find the top most searched unique wedding dress topics.

Beautiful Winter Wedding dresses you will LOVE

Did you know that Winter Wedding Dresses can be sexier and dreamier than Summer Wedding Dresses with a romantic white snowy background? Dive into all the wedding dress styles and accessory options you have to consider that are only appropriate for this magical winter season.

Timeless Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace, the traditional wedding dress fabric, has not only maintained its high profile royal status but also grown its leading position in the new modern designs for wedding dresses as the fabric of choice.

Fresh Summer Wedding Dresses

Which new trends for this year's summer wedding dresses are fun and fabulous? Discover the secrets to feel feminine, beautiful and timeless by selecting a wedding dress that is romantic, ethereal and light.

Halter Wedding Dresses Bring Sexy Backs

If you have a sexy back why not show it off by exploring halter wedding dresses?

Fashion Trends for Short Wedding Dresses

Interested in the new trends for short wedding dresses modelled on the runways of haute couture wedding dress designers? Dreaming of...
...Mini short wedding dresses? or
...50's style short wedding dresses below Knee length? or
...Long & short Wedding dresses?

We have it all here for you.

Colored Wedding Dresses...Ready to Make a Powerful Fashion Statement?

Want to rock your wedding in a colored wedding dresses and make a bold fashion statement? Be yourself and be confident wearing the color you love.

Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown, Black, Grey...what's your favorite color? 

Destination Wedding Dresses Uncovered

Have fun with selecting your destination wedding dresses by going less formal, keeping it simple and following the minimalist fashion trends. 

Keep it short and simple, increase your selection options, save on time and investing on a tradtitional dress and most important of all HAVE FUN at your destination wedding!

Casual Beach Wedding Dresses Glammed Up

Be creative and have fun with your casual beach wedding dresses. Add a touch of fancy and glamour to your look and turn on the inner sparkle in you.

The Plus Size Wedding Dresses Challenge

Frustrated with not finding your perfect plus size wedding dresses? Empower yourself with the useful tips in this article.

Remember having a fuller figure is no reason to hide. Pick what you consider your best assets to be and look for wedding dress styles that will show them off. As Terry Hall, Kleinfeld Fashion Director says, “I am a firm believer that a bride should wear whatever silhouette she has always wanted and makes her feel fabulous. If she feels fabulous she will look fabulous.”

Timeless Royal Wedding Dresses to be inspired by

Top 20-21st Century Royal wedding dresses that are classic and timeless and have set the trend for the new generation of wedding dresses.

Fairytale Wedding Dresses to dream for

Beautiful designer wedding dresses inspired by our favorite princesses and their legendary fairytale wedding dresses in popular fairytale Disney animated productions. 

Oscar Winning Celebrity Wedding dresses

Want to shine like a star? Find your favorite in my collection of top dazzling and glamerous hollywood-proof wedding gowns.

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