Halter Wedding Dresses Bring Sexy Backs

This dress is by Cymbeline Paris 2013.

Halter wedding dresses are perfect for brides who intend to show their sexy back and shoulder blades.

A halter neck design empowers the brides to expose most of their backs by almost invisibly supporting the dress around the neck or the arms with thin straps.

As this description suggests there are many different types of halter necks. Here is an illustration of some traditional types:

The Traditional Halter 

As a bride if you are thinking of having a halter neck wedding dress you probably will face such traditional designs with a classic strap around the neck.

Justin Alexander's halter bridal gown design is an example of a sweetheart neckline supported by a halter strap.

While Amy Kuschel's halter neck wedding dress below sets forth a v-neckline.

Both halter neckline designs can be flattering for brides with a large or small bust size. 

The Classic Halter

Portia de Rossi's Zac Posen halter wedding gown is my favorite halter design hands down. It has a classic v-neck halter around the neck in the form of a tuxedo vest. As casual as this neckline might look at first sight with its loose front (by the way very flattering for small busted brides), its justoposition with a pink tulle princessy long skirt is just classicaly feminine and pure sexy.

The Flowing Grecian Halter 

If you love grecian fashion consider the following halter wedding dresses that drape over the brides bodies with the flow only broken by a circular band.

In the x-neck empire waist halter gown the circular band lies below the bustline and in the v-neck halter gown the circular band lies at the natural waist. 

The Lacy Vintage Halter 

If you love vintage fashion you might be inspired by these two halter bridal gowns.

Notice the illusion square neck of the wedding dress to the left by Yolan Chris and the sexy skinny straps of the black lace v-neck detail over the white halter wedding dress in the picture to the right.

Sexy Necklines

If you dare to explore different necklines for your halter wedding gowns, prepare to be blown away by these captivating and flirtatious designs.

Starting from the top left, the low v-neck pleated tissue like design to the right is elegant in its structured and architectural form.

Amsale Aberra's silk-crepe halter minimalstic sheath wedding dress design at the top left is pure sexy with its deviant skin-baring back. The sweeping satin ribbon and beaded neckline elevates this fitted column style dress from sultry to sophisticated. This jeweled wedding dress also bare good news for brides who will be able to save on accessory costs!

Below, the scoop of the cowl neck in the halter wedding dress with a layered and voluminous skirt is playful and suggestive of a big bust size.

And last but not least, the uninterrupted draping of the almost see through beaded dirty blue tulle in the form of a halter neck is pure genious. With this artful design Elie Saab puts the spotlight not only on the exposed back and the cleavage area but also on the tucked in waist line. Pure magic!

The High Halter with an X-Factor

The x-neck design of Taylor Swift's Emilio Pucci white halter dress below also highlights the bust area and waist line. This wedding dress style is recommended for brides with a petite figure and a smaller bust size.

The x-factor in these high neck halter wedding gowns is in the x-shape neckline! 

Jenny Packham has gracefully highlighted the bust area by clipping the front of the dress to a strap that goes around the shoulder arms leaving the full neck and back exposed. This dress can be very flattering for a bride with a swimmer's body shape. 

Hot red carpet halter dresses

Leave it up to top model Cindy Crawford and new trendsetting star Amanda Seyfried to unleash the heat of halter neck line dresses. Both dresses have the traditional ring strap around the neck plus a sexy cleavage hole in the bust area.

Cindy Crawford in Roberto Cavalli design and Amanda Seyfried in an Alexander McQueen design, both look empowered by their dresses and beautiful in their skins.

I couldn't resist but also present to you how Freida Pinto and Jennifer Hudson effortlessly raised the halter neck line design onto the sexy map and onto the red carpets of Hollywood!

Left: Freida Pinto in Gucci and Jennifer Hudson in Versace.

A closing tip for brides who are planning to wear a halter bridal gown to their wedding is to stand tall.

A halter wedding dress will look outstanding on a bride who has a great posture and a straight back at all times. Strong shoulders of the brides with sexy backs will serve as a structural frame and hold up the body as the halter wedding dress drapes merely over it!

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