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Hi, I’m Yasmin. I’m 32 and am loving the planet of wedding dresses as much as I have loved the ready-to-wear fashion all my life.  I have been living in the Netherlands for almost 4 years after falling in love with my now fiancé, Sjoerd from the Netherlands, while studying MBA in Nice / France. I was born in Iran and lived in Toronto / Canada with my small but super loving family most of my life before deciding to do the MBA and moving to the Netherlands. 

My Mission:

Wedding Dresses i Love is my creative outlet and communication vehicle to reach out to the brides-to-be and help them turn this overwhelming and time-consuming hunt in decoding the jungle of junky information into a smooth, easy and fun walk in the park as well as an educational journey.

Through a female and bride-to-be perspective, I understand each bride is unique with individual wishes for a unique wedding dress to (what we hope to be) once in a life a time special event. I also understand that the very exciting world of wedding dresses is new for all brides and a guiding hand or a friendly educational voice is much needed. For the smart and capable women out there…who have masters degrees, run their own businesses, work long full time hours, and all in all, are superwomen, all questions are valid and worthy of a legitimate response. I want to ensure all brides that finding a beautiful wedding dress is not a myth or an endless tiresome journey. After landing on and fully exploring the wedding dress planet, each bride will find the one wedding dress to say yes to!

The Wedding Dress Planet:

Wedding Dresses I Love was born in Amsterdam when I realized a big gap in the market during my deep dive search to find the most perfect and affordable wedding dress for my big wedding day.

One thing was clear. The overload of information in the wedding dress supply market was purely sales driven. Wedding dress consultants and online sites were selling 

wedding dresses like any other ‘ready to order’ consumer product. I asked myself why would I, as the bride-to-be, want to buy a wedding dress before learning all there is to know about the new planet of wedding dresses? A virgin to the wedding dress fashion category, I first needed expert advice and help on where to start in finding a wedding dress and how to choose which wedding dress style would make me look the best and feel most beautiful in. Just like buying an apple product, I also wanted to have and cherish the once in a life time special wedding dress experience. I wanted to live out my wedding dress fantasies and land with two feet on the wedding dress planet. A wedding dress was not just any dress or a fashion product. To me a wedding dress was the most memorable lifetime fashion statements among family and friends as well as a symbol for showing my pure happiness for marrying the one I love. 

My Background:

As a procurement professional and a fashion activist, while researching for new supply developments and trends in the market, I am accustomed to filtering out the readily available irrelevant and invaluable information on the world wide web or those aggressively promoted by sales people.  In the market research and value analysis of any procurement process, I seek to find innovative, high quality, enlightening and significant content on products and services from competitive suppliers through trustable sources and active network. In giving procurement advice to my internal business clients I strive to consistently communicate relevant, clear, descriptive and instructive knowledge about the unique value of a product or a service next to highlighting possible disadvantages and implementation consequences, if any.

It is the driving mission of Wedding Dresses i Love to support and inspire women to learn about wedding dresses and fully experience the memorable and emotional journey before jumping into a major purchase. To educate women, to simplify the wedding dress search process and the wedding dress planet, to deliver savings in the bride’s precious time and money. And above all to make it all fun and fashionable. Absolute style backed by absolute quality and top notch content and expertise.


If you have any burning questions about wedding dresses, please contact me and I will get back to you with an informative answer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy exploring my website as much as I enjoy writing it.


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