Destination Wedding Dresses Uncovered

Destination wedding dresses are for those modern brides who plan to get married abroad in an exotic wedding destination. 

About 25% of 2 million American couples who wed each year, choose to exchange vows on a sunny island or a breezy mountain top paradise in Europe or in a unique and fun destination miles away from home.  

If you are planning to have a destination wedding, you probably like to keep things simple and are more focused on creating a pleasurable and memorable experience with family and friends. 

Why not then apply the ‘Less is More’ strategy to your wedding venue and your wedding dress style? 

Here are a few simple tips on how to ground yourself in finding the perfect minimalist destination wedding dress and yet look fabulous.

1. The Minimalist Dress = More Affordable Options

The short minimalist dress shown above from Amsale's 2011 collection has everything you need in a wedding dress: a tulle skirt and a sexy wrapped satin bodice.
Simply 'wedding' perfect! 

In a destination wedding you have the choice to look beyond the traditional wedding dresses and explore less formal minimalist wedding dresses that are more appropriate and match your destination sphere. 

Remember minimalism is simplifying all that is complex and accentuating the beauty of pure form and design.

Selecting a more minimalist destination wedding dress will take the pressure off you in selecting from the typical elaborate traditional gowns available only in wedding dress shops.

Plus we all know if you can take the ‘wedding’ word out of any wedding related purchases you will be saving!  

And do not fret it if you have dreamt of a white wedding dress since you were a girl, you will still be able to find a wide and affordable selection of chic minimalist white dresses for your destination wedding.

2. Bring on the Color

This yellow tinted dress from Jenny Packham's 2012 collection is a soft and elegant look for a bride looking for a tad of color in her destination wedding dress.

If you are open to exploring less formal wedding dress styles for your destination wedding dresses you are most probably open to embracing nontraditional wedding dress colors. You can choose an appropriate color with respect to colors in your destination location or a favorite color that is symbolic to you or your culture. 

Depending on your personality, your brave heart and individual fashion sense, you might choose for a soft color or opt for new bold wedding dress colors from the run ways of leading wedding dress designers such as blue by Oscar de la Renta or red by Vera Wang

3. Short & Sweet

The very flirty and sweet short dress example above is an affordable destination wedding dress option at Dressesgo online shop.

Short destination wedding dresses can be as elegant, romantic and feminine as the traditional long wedding dresses. If your wedding destination is a sunny one, grab the chance to lighten up your wedding with a fitting short wedding dress.  Keeping the weather in mind when selecting a wedding dress and also advising your guests on the dress code is a very important preventative measure to avoid unnecessary stress and disappointment. 

A short dress will not be stepped on or damaged by a natural terrain you will be marrying on. Another great advantage of a short dress is that it will also keep you cool and allow you to move around freely and dance till you drop.

4. Be picky with the Fabric

This Marchesa spring/summer 2011 chiffon pleated dress with a skirts that flows out like a white lotus flower can be a playful destination wedding dress. It also comes in a white beaded neckline.

For your destination wedding dresses select a fabric that flatters your figure and fits the style and setting for your special occasion and time of year. For a sunny destination think lighter, thinner and cooler fabrics such as: lace, tulle, silk charmeuse, organza and chiffon. 

For a cooler destination think heavier, thicker and warmer fabrics such as: satins, taffetas, brocade and velvets. (For a short description on the type of fabrics please read Fabrics for wedding dresses.)

5. Golden rule: Accessorize it!

In  less formal and casual destination wedding dresses you can still look formal and glamorous if you take the time to dress it up with the right accessories.  

Think of pearls, chunky jewelry, elaborate hair pins, fancy head piece, antique or self-made brooches, sexy shoes, a statement belt or colored ribbon,…just let your creative juices direct you.

However the art in accessorizing is not to overdo it by over clashing or over matching the style of your dress. Try to find the right balance and have fun with accessorizing!

6. Bring Sexy Back

This hot short and long number is from Inbal Dror's 2011 wedding dress collection.

Admit it. Destination weddings more than anything represent the driving passion between a couple in love to tie the knot in an unforgettable romantic setting. With this said, the bride is empowered more than ever to dress as sexy as she feels with respect to individual style, family or cultural traditions, values and norms of course. 

To bring sexy back tastefully think of dresses with body hugging shape defining design, a small feminine cleavage, backless or low back, flowing flirty skirt, thin straps and princess cut bust, low skirt length exposing your legs,…etc. The secret to keeping the sexy level grounded is to not forget you are a bride dressing for your wedding and not a singles night out to a night club.  

7. 3 Day Party = 3 Dresses

This sexy wrap beaded dress is designed by Inbal Dror.

With a destination wedding, you probably will opt to invite your incoming guests to spend more than just one evening with you for the wedding party itself. The minimum number of nights that most couples commit to for a destination wedding is 3. That translates to possibly three night dinner parties with the most beloved family and friends. 

And this calls for destination brides to plan for 2 more dresses on top of the main wedding dress. So plan accordingly ladies and make sure that the wedding dress is more formal than the other 2 evening dresses.

Good news is that you can plan for three different styles of dresses and build up the mood to your big wedding night.  Bad news to some brides is that you have to select and finance 3 dresses.

But think about it, you will be able to wear the other 2 dresses and maybe even your casual destination wedding gown again to other special occasion and formal events.  

Purchasing three dresses is merely an investment for the future if you choose wisely.  And maybe you already have 2 fitting special occasion dresses hanging in your closet that you can wear on the nights before your wedding day.

Think of the sexy and classically feminine short white dresses with flower appliques and print to the left designed by Narces as your possible two other formal dresses. 

8. Save by Lightening it up 

Simplify your transportation plans and save for your destination wedding by packing light.  Remember the specific size & weight baggage allowance of the airline of choice when thinking of how big you can afford your destination wedding dress to be. Unless you are prepared to travel first class or pay additional carry-on fees on a non-charter or cheap airline for your wedding dress, you will not be able to carry your dress on board.

This feathery light and sexy short wedding dress is from Jenny Packham's fall 2011 collection. 

9. Chic Warm

No matter how hot your destination is, when the sun sets the temperature will drop significantly.

Invest in a light shawl, cape, wrap or a mini jacket that is as glamorous as your destination wedding gown to at least cover your shoulders with.  Otherwise you will resort to freezing the night away with goose bumps or wearing something that you will regret seeing yourself in in pictures.

To keep your shoulders warm in style think of this glamorous feather cape creation with a large bow designed by Narces.

To cover more than just your shoulders and for a more funkier look dare to snuggle in a long sleeve ostrich feather jacket and be inspired by Alexander McQueen's design.

Or for a more classic look think of Oscar de la Renta's round neck 3/4 sleeve silk faille jacket design with pearl embroidery.

10. Shop on the spot

If you’re a destination bride you’re probably open to shopping for a dress and accessories on the destination spot. Live the moment and enjoy the experience of letting it loose and making quick but wise decisions to make your big night as special and spontaneous as possible. Most popular wedding destination locations will have a reasonable selection of destination wedding dresses for brides with an average retail size and body shape.

The key in mastering destination weddings is to be creative with the available selection and to be open to have fun with trying new things. 

To a new married life with a new you!

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