Glamorous Jenny Packham Wedding Dresses Bring Sexy Vintage Back

Jenny Packham wedding dresses have revived the romantic glamour of the 1930's in a contemporary fashion.

Jenny Packham who started in the fashion industry with designing bridal dresses and evening wear in 1988 will be celebrating her brand's 25th anniversary this year. In 2008 Packham started the dazzling range of bridal accessories to accompany her gowns. In 2010 Packham introduced a lingerie range and a ready-to-wear accessories range. 

The brand of this British designer, who graduated from the Southampton University in UK with an honorary Doctorate degree in fashion, has gained popularity not only amongst British celebrities and royalty such as Adele and The Duchess of Cambridge but also among hollywood starlets such as Angelina Joli, Dita von Teese and Kate Winslet. 

Jenny Packham wedding dresses and evening dresses appeal to the brides who love to be glamorous with a demure vintage look.  

I must admit that as much as Jenny Packham wedding dresses might be fitting the luxurious taste and requirements of vintage-look loving brides or starlets, they might not satisfy the needs of the classic bride dreaming of a princess wedding dress with a large ball gown skirt, grand flares and round poufs. 

Inspired by...

The uncoventional Bohemian lifestyle originated in 19th century describing the non-traditional lifestyles of marginalized and impoverished artists, writers, journalist, musicians journalists and actors in major European cities.

Art Deco visual arts design style which first appreared in France in 1920's. Art Deco was an assertive modern style characterized by rich colors, bold symmetric and rectilinear geometric shapes, organic motifs and lavish ornamentation representing: luxury, glamour, exuberance, and faith in social and technological progress of the the industrialized era

The 1930's leading ladies of the golden age of cinema in Hollywood: Vivien Leigh and Bette Davis. There were romance and femininity. There were feathers. There were sequins. There is now Jenny Packham.

Make a statement with your accessories

If you have a budget of 250-1300 pounds to spend on your wedding dress accessories, then check out Jenny Packham's accessory shop for Bridal collection.

Here you will find a range of jeweled accessories with a foliage or round curvy motif shapes:

  • tiaras
  • handbeaded headdresses of all sizes that can be worn on the side of your head or covering a larger area of the head
  • headbands
  • belts
  • hair combs and mini combs
  • veil jewel or headdress
  • bracelets
  • earings
  • necklaces

What gives these accessories a vintage feel other than their design? The tasteful collection of materials they are made of: white alabaster, pearls, ivory colored silk fabric for the flowers and covering the bands, rhodium metallic thread wrapped rings for the bracelets and last but not least navette, pear cut, circular and cup chain crystals.

Signature designs with shiny details

  • Shiny and shimmering neck to toe
  • Romantic floor sweeping flared out skirts that create a modest trail 
  • Sexy appeal in figure hugging designs a
  • Rich and signaling plenty of money
  • Dreamy in the gentle wrapping and draping elements for exmaple in the butterfly sleeves 
  • Tempting with the elegant cuts in the back of the dress or on the shoulder or in the bust area  
  • Sequins hand sewn creating a 3 dimensional shine and texture
  • Ethereal: light, heavenly, free-spirited dresses 
  • Contemporary yet vintage-inspired designs 
  • Cap sleeved
  • High necklines 
  • More silk chiffon and less satin 
  • Crystals
  • Ribbon belts with centered jewels
  • Dramatic and playful
  • Architectural with symmetrical and rectelinear lines and geometric shapes
  • Simple silhouettes  but yet complex in its detailed embelishments

Where to buy your Jenny Packham wedding dress?

Brides can experience the Jenny Packham designer dresses with price range of $2,905 to $5,500 in flagship stores and showrooms situated in London, Paris and New York or in top high-end designer brand stores such as Harrods and Neiman Marcus to Bergdorf Goodman as well as on the Net-A-Porter online shop. 

For brides with a budget I bring good news:

Jenny Peckham's Highstreet Occasionwear collection including accessories and children's wear is stocked at Debenhams department store since May 2012 with a very affordable retail price range from £85 to £160

In this collection of 19 dresses you can find options for bridesmaids, wedding guests and prom-goers alike. The dresses are a mixture of softness and structure in soft metallics, floral or intricate graphic prints and bold block colours. 

Who is Jenny Packham's target bride?

"I picture a bride with great curves, a strong sense of self, and an appreciation of the whimsical. Nothing is sexier than confidence, and these dresses know who they are." Jenny Packham

So ladies, if you love your body and dare to strut your stuff, I mean your great slender or voluptuous figures, Jenny Packham's bridal collection can make you a happy bride.

Let your confidence shine and don't hide your sexy goods! 

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