Oscar de la Renta Wedding Dresses are 'HOT' Couture Luxurious Designs

Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses debuted in 2006 much after the launch of his  luxury fashion goods business back in 1965 in New York.

Oscar de la Renta's utterly feminine and romantic  bridal collection features dazzling sequins, embroideries, appliques and rich fabrics, from silk duchess to French Alencon lace.

Oscar empowers the brides by accessorizing them with a wide selection of elegant accessories such as jeweled brooches, headpieces, veils, shoes and bags. 

Grand look for the blushing bride

Each season, this legendary designer and former President and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner of CFDA, fills the runways with consistenly classic and dreamy bridal designs. For every bride there is a dress to fall in love with.

Oscar's extravagant world of haute-couture from the lavish fabrics to feathers, exquisite jewels and ornate trims rise from his earlier international experiences as couture assistant in fashion house of Lanvin in Paris.  

Oscar shows his artistry of bridal design by setting timeless trends and glorifying each trend season by season. 

The grand wedding dress look and feel is always present in each unique design. The classic bride will never be disappointed.   

In his 2012 collection he proved that skin is not always in and that a covered neckline with long sleeves can be just as powerful and sexy. 

This modestly covered lace Oscar de la Renta gown is perfection. Dramatic like all things Oscar, the silhouette has a Victorian glamour that is over-the-top without feeling costumey.

The minimalist design for a poufy big skirt supersizes the bride's glowing look and prominent presence.

Something blue?

Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses can be described as: charming, chic-a-boom, bouncy, playful, shiny and...colorful

This multiple award winning couturier's  masterpeices, combines his latin American passion for vibrant color with his European-trained eye for luxurious fabrics and embellishments with his unique understanding of all things feminine.

Oscar believes his primary responsibility as a designer is to make women look their best on their special big wedding day

Fashion is only fashion once a woman puts it on” Oscar.

This two-layered wedding dress is an example of how Oscar draws a graceful bride in blue and white/ivory, the traditional wedding dress color.  Oscar masterfully brings out the something blue tradition to the outside of the straight sweat heart neckline lace gown rather than hiding it under the gown as a garter or a shoe. This explosion of color in horsehair layers of tulle is magnificent.

To complete the look, Oscar ornates this smashing colorful design with a small flower brooch between the sweatheart neckline.  

Tip 1. For those brides out there looking for flexibility and a double outfit for your wedding day, take note of this design. You can have the poufy skirt look and the  figure-hugging silhuoette by making the blue skirt detachable. Two dresses in one with savings! 

Go liberal with a great figure

In every collection Oscar has a modern number for the liberal bride who is looking for a nontraditional unique wedding dress or outfit.

In his 2013 fall collection, Oscar presents this sexy and still lavish 3- piece outfit in Ivory floral guipure bustier crop top, ivory silk faille palazzo pant, ivory feather pearl and tulle embroidered jacket with pleated organza trim.

Beautiful ornamentation, details embroideries on luxury fabrics are always part of each bridal design and according to Oscar never more important than the wedding dress itself.

Examples of signature ornamentation in Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses: ostrich feather on chanitlly lace, sequin embroidered bolero,White pearl belt, sequin embroidered tulle cathedral veil with flowers and beads, Russian gold and crystal brooch hanging from bow

Bold and glorious accessories

The bold crowning headpieces and Cathedral length royal veils dressed up Oscar de la Renta's 2013 bridal collection.

From the young age of 18 when Oscar decided to study art in Madrid and soon after landing a coveted apprenticeship with Spain's most renowned couturier, Cristobal Balenciaga, Oscar had been exposed to the passionate, red and fiery Spanish culture, music, art, bull fights, flamenco and fashion. It is therefore no surprise when Oscar introduces these feminine and loud accessories to complete his glamourous and classic bridal designs.

In the red wedding dress, Oscar's finishing touch on his scarlet silk chiffon masterpiece sweetheart gown with pleated organza chantilly lace and chiffon ruffle cascade applique skirt is a skewed colored feminine brooch. 

Tip 2. This brooch accessory can be your something burrowed!

...and in the traditional white wedding dress Oscar gracefully accessorizes with an elegant corded chantilly lace trim tulle veil on the silk organza ruffles of the sweetheart wedding gown. 

Tip 3. This veil detail is simple to achieve with a small budget by selecting your desired ready made flower shapes or cut outs from lace and sewing it on or around a tulle veil of any size. 

In closing of the Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses article,  I can't resist but to motivate all individual brides to remember and act on Oscar de la Renta's justified and timeless advice:

A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories.” 

So....Accessorize, Accessorize and Accessorize to bring out your personality and make your unique fashion statement on your big day! 

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