Fashion Trends for Short Wedding Dresses

Short wedding dresses are not for every bride. If you love your legs and are getting married in the summer or on a hot island destination then you might be considering strutting down the aisle in a short wedding dress. 

Even though you have narrowed down your choice of wedding dress styles to short wedding dresses you have a wide selection of short wedding dresses ahead of you.

From mini short to long short wedding dresses, in this article I have captured a number of different styles by trend setting haute couture designers for you to be inspired by.

Scroll through and note for your self what you like and don't like about each style. Take your notes with you to your wedding dress appointments and express what you envision for your wedding dress. This will help your wedding dress advisor to focus on your style preferences and above all you will save time in your wedding dress search.

Mini Short wedding dresses

If you dare to go mini short for your wedding dress to show off your beautiful slender legs, you can still achieve an elegant bride look by balancing the bare legs with covering your upper half. In the mini short wedding dresses in the examples below, the lace layer and the skinny straps weigh down and support the mini length of the skirt with style. 

This lace covered mini short wedding dress is by

This beaded mini short wedding dress is designed by Theia.

If you love the 1920's flapper fashion styles, consider a loose short dress with a pleated skirt at the hip or a short dress with a feathery skirt and a glamorous v-neck beaded top.

This 20's flipper style short wedding dress is designed by Max Chaoul 2013.

This feathery and beaded wedding dress is by Reem Acra, fall 2013.

If you are imagining a short wedding dress with a round skirt, think of the voluminous flower inspired design by Marchesa or a more classic structured round satin skirt by Amsale.

Above: Marchesa Fall 2013  
Right: Amsale Fall 2011

For a fuller and poufier look for your short wedding dress, you can consider Reem Acra's fall 2013 super glamorous and feminine designs below. You can have the ballerina tutu skirt you love or burst into the flower you are! 

Miranda Kerr in Marchesa 2012

This mini short wedding dress is designed by Reem Acra in 2013. It arms brides with a lovely see through layered tulle skirt and trail that can be tied at the waist with a bow for a traditional church ceremony and can easily be taken off for the wedding party!

Classic style short wedding dresses

Short wedding dresses with a knee length skirt and a princesss neckline can be defined as having a classic style.  

Above: Oscar de la Renta, Spring 2013
Left: Narces, Spring 2013

Nevertheless the classic style short wedding dresses can take on a number of different necklines and skirts. For inspiration see below, the diagonal one shoulder design by Amsale and boat neck design by Theia with an A-line and poufy skirt, respectively.

The round lace illusion neck design by Monique Lhuillier and round necked applique suit design by Oscar de la Renta are also a source of inspiration for brides looking for a classic style short wedding dress.  

50's style short wedding dresses

The 1950’s fashion in the years following World War II brought a new era of fashions to men and women characterized by the resurgence of haute couture after the austerity of the war years. 

The 1950’s were responsible for two distinct 50’s clothing styles; the “wiggle” dress and the “new look” dress.

The wiggle dress gave the wearer a provocative, body hugging silhouette that women (and men) couldn’t get enough of. The normal waistlines and slim narrow skirts that would stop mid-calf and sometimes shorter drove 50’s fashions into sex appeal overdrive.

The 'New Look' dress was developed in 1947 by fashion icon and creator Dior who decreed that hemlines should rise no more than 15 inches off the ground, waistlines should be cinched in an effort to curve the bust and square shoulders should be rounded and softned. Dior deemed these stylings, the “New Look”. The full skirt remained popular in fashion until the late 1950’s. Strapless dresses became in vogue and it wasn’t uncommon to pair wide circled skirts with cardigans.

If you are interested in a New Look wedding dress, refer to the designs by Justin Alexander (image to the left) and Max Chaoul's vintage 2013 collections.

Long & Short wedding dresses

If you have troubles committing yourself to a short or long design wedding dress, then the long & short wedding dresses may be the perfect style for you.

In the given examples of long & short wedding dresses above and to the left you can see that there are a number of different styles for you to choose from.

Starting from the top left, Marchesa's knee high short dress with long sweeps flowing down softly on each side creates an illusion of a traditional long silhouette.

At the top right, Elizabeth Fillmore's  v-neck lace wedding dress design cleverly shines three different lengths through: from above the knee line, working its way down below the knee line to the long trail length flowing on the ground.

Below left, Sara Jassir plays with creating a long and short length skirt with a diagonal cut from above the knee. The barely visible skinny straps are great for brides with a larger bust size who like to have support in this area of the dress. 

And last but not least, below right, younger brides will love Sherri Hill's sexy and playful pink colored wedding dress!

For more inspiration on long & short wedding dresses please scan the following articles: Wedding Dress Styles and Casual Beach Wedding Dresses.

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