Fairytale Wedding Dresses of Your Dreams

Always dreamt of a fairytale wedding and looking for fairytale wedding dresses? Who’s your favorite fairytale princess from Disney? Cinderella, Snow white, Rapunzel, Arial, Sleeping beauty or Jasmine? 

Inspired by popular Disney wedding dresses of our most beloved and legendary fairytale princesses, I have compiled for you a collection of enchanting modern fairytale wedding dresses designed by haute couture fashion designers.  

These fairytale designer wedding dresses use a mix or selection of such fabrics: organza, chantilly, chiffon, satins and tulle accented with stunning embellishments, including lace, ribbons, crystals, pearls and gorgeous embroidered beading.

Before I present to you my selection of trendy fairytale wedding gowns, I would like you to bring your attention to Disney wedding dress collections designed by: Kirstie Kelly and Justin Alexander.

Good to know: Kiertie Kelly and Justin Alexander's collections are labeled with the names of Disney fairytale princesses and are not outrageously expensive with retail prices ranging from $1,100 to $3,900!


For an Ariel princess look, you can think of a mermaid silhouette wedding dress.  Justin Alexander and Monique Lhuillier's different interpretations of a mermaid style wedding dress is evident in their individual designs. They do however have noticeable similarities in modernizing the outdated princess fairytale wedding dress: 

  • no more poufy pillow shoulders
  • exposed arms, neckline and cleavage
  • the big pouf of the skirt flares out not from the waist but 1/2 way from the thighs or from the knee highlighting the outline of the feminine and very sexy waist and hips to the knee-line

Tip 1.  I recommend this body shape defining wedding dress silhouette only for those of you brides who have a Straight body shape. That means if your bust and hips are almost the same size and your waist is slightly smaller than your bust and hips. 


The Disney Belle wedding dress is famous for its poufy layered chunky skirt and sexy off the shoulder top.  The modern version of this feminine look has been cleverly captured by Vivian Westwood and Monique Lhuillier in the two dresses below. 

Vivian Westwood's artful creation was brought to live by the fashionable Carry Bradshaw character from the popular Sex and the City television series. 

Monique Lhuillier's flower studded off the shoulder top with a sheer sparkly round necked layer shimmers above the sexy corset bust.  

The poufy skirt flares out from the waist with the same flower studded effect of the off the shoulder ring on a sheer tulle exposing a fitted long skirt.


The Rapunzel princess look has a cap-sleeved corset top with a flared skirt. Who better to revive this look but the popular sexy wedding dress designer: Lazaro Perez. Lazaro's floral and textural craftsmanship signature is striking in this chic gown. The super sized round flower shoulders not only give volume to the impeccably fitted silhouette and corset bodice but also draws our attention to the face of the bride.

Tip 2. Brides with a smaller bust can take advantage of this empowering design feature and highlight their other beautiful feminine assets.   

Sleeping beauty / Aurora

You can find Sleeping beauty's off the shoulder neck line and flared skirt in the two wedding dresses showcased below designed by two contemporary trend setting haut couture wedding designers: Elie Saab and Claire Pettibone. 

In the Elie Saab wedding dress, the traditional silhouette fitted at the waist takes centre stage. The floral applique forms the off shoulder look and continues to spread over the poufy skirt bottom.

Claire Pettibone achieves the off the sleeping beauty look by flaring the skirt from above the knee line instead of the waist. She also masterfully ties in the large and round floral cut outs defining the off the shoulder line to the outline above the knee line.

Snow white

The round poufy shoulders and corset bodice of the sleeping beauty dress attracted the attention of our most beloved British princess: Princess Diana of Whales.

Princess Diana's wedding dress designed by Elizabeth Emanuel for her wedding on July 29,1981 to Prince Charles put the fairytale wedding dress pouf back on the fashion runway. Her big voluminous shoulders were as big and round as her princess skirt.

In contrast to the over the top princess pouf used by Elizabeth Emanuel in Princess Diana's wedding dress, Oscar de la Renta rocks the Snow white look in this super sexy and feminine design. The shoulders are round and puffy but yet light and playful with the use of a sheer fabric. This light fabric doesn't hide the shoulders and the arms and flows down over the entire dress with flower embroideries at definition points of the dress: at the waist and bottom of the skirt. 

I can't resist zooming your attention to Audrey Hepburn's elegant tea-length Balmain Snow white fairytale wedding dress. She wore this classic Hepburn tiny waisted, wide chiffon sleeved and full skirt wedding dress when marrying co-star Mel Ferrer on 25th of September in 1954. 

Tip 3. Don't trap and sufficate yourself under layers of fabric on your big day. The fabric and design of your choice should free your body and let you flow and accentuate your sexy feminine curves.  

And yes, you can still have the Snow white look as Oscar de la Renta and Balmain have masterfully recreated the look in an elegant and timeless fashion. 


The spice of Princess Jasmine's wedding dress look radiates in the tasteful creations by Oscar de la Renta and Monique Lhuillier. 

Monique Lhuillier liberated the bride with the two-in-one design. The sexy silhouette of the bride peaks out masterfully front and centre from under the tulle pouf.

The off centre fixed bow at the waist magnifies this playful design and highlights the slimest curve defining body part. 

In the second design, Monique Lhuillier takes a different direction by showcasing the sexy feminine shoulders of the bride with the soft chiffon wrap across the shoulders. She gracefully continues the intertwining chiffon wrap effect all the way from the shoulders to below the hip where the skirt flares out.


In 1950 the world renowned 18-year-old hollywood actress and beauty, Elizabeth Taylor, wore a Cinderella fairytale dress when she wed her first husband Conrad (Nicky) Hilton Jr. This off-the-shoulder satin wedding gown, a gift from MGM studios, cost $1,500 at the time! 

Last but not least you can achieve the Cinderella wedding dress look by exploring designer Elie Saab's magnificent wedding dress art pieces.

I have picked out one of his fabulous fairytale wedding dresses that just screams glamour with its magical gold and silver applique design from top to bottom and its elegant traditional silhouette with a flared skirt at the waist. 

This Elie Saab Cinderella wedding dress is a great example of what attracts some brides to princessy wedding dresses.  It captures and radiates all features of a fairytale wedding dress:

...dreamy, feminine, sexy, royal, divine, fashionable, playful, different and above all timeless and classic!

Disney wedding dresses have not only played an important role in our childhood years but for some of us Disney fairytale lovers they have also set the trend for the special Disney princess look we want to look like on our dream wedding day...before we get into that fairytale pumpkin carriage that is!

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