Wedding Dress Strategy

Why should you develop a wedding dress strategy? Having a strategy simplifies complexity. With a well planned out wedding dress strategy you can easily bridge your way from point A, the unknown, to point B, the to-be-known: your perfect wedding dress.

Before we start, do invest in a beautiful wedding journal that will motivate you to write down the strategy you will be developing for yourself by following the steps below:  

Start from Point A. 

Take a few minutes to answer the questions below. It is best to write down and save your answers to refer to when making your action plan.  Don't sweat it if you don’t have all the answers. Remember you are in the 'unknown' Point A and you have plenty of time to come back to it later when you have the answers.

Answers to these questions are your personal specifications and requirements for your wedding dress wish list: 

  1. How do you describe your perfect or dream wedding dress? Can you sketch or doodle your vision?
  2. What is your personal fashion style or do you think you don’t have one?
  3. What is your body shape?
  4. What is your max budget or range?
  5. How much time do you have or can realistically invest in your search?
  6. Where is your wedding location? Any geographical or atmospherical significance you need to plan around?
  7. What is your wedding date and what season does it fall in?
  8. What cultural traditions are important to you or what do others expect from you?
  9. Are you trying to match the style of your wedding dress to a pre-set venue or something you have inherited from a loved one?
  10. Are you looking for one, two or more wedding dresses each with different requirements?

Progressing to Point B by developing your wedding dress strategy

With your wedding dress wish list in hand you can then move on to planning your plan of action or approach for your wedding dress search. I've listed a number of questions and answers that can prepare you in your strive to get to Point B.

Where to start in orienting?

  • Read wedding dress blogs
  • google images search for wedding dress
  • buy a bridal magazine
  • talk to just-married friends

Where to buy a wedding dress?

  • from wedding dress shops
  • trustable online wedding dress shops 
  • from a freind or a family member 
  • from a super talented tailor/designer who can make your custom wedding dresses

When to start shopping?

  • when you're ready ladies. There is no right time formula but preferably after your engagement and with a minimum 6 month lead time before the wedding day if you are planning to buy a designer wedding dress. 

How to identify which wedding dress styles look and fit you the best?

  • The style that will look and fit you best is a style that you fancy and a style that can highlight all the assets of your body shape perfectly. 

Which wedding dress designer(s) or brand(s) interest(s) you?

  • this one's for you to answer. 

Have you considered custom-made wedding dresses?

  • this is a great option for those brides who have a special nontraditional design wish.
  • custom-made wedding dresses can also save you money compared to buying a haute couture designer wedding dress
  • Unique-body shaped, Petite and Plus-size brides, who are inbetween, above or below average sizes available in the wedding dress market, can take advantage of this option since custom-made wedding dresses are cut and made to the unique size, body shape and wishes of each individual bride.  

Is your dress size available in the standardized sizing of the wedding dress market?

  • if the answer is no, and you have enough time before the wedding day, you might consider gaining or losing weight 
  • you can take the custom-made wedding dresses option.

Who to select as your trusted entourage in trying on wedding dresses?

  • maximum 2 people: your maid of honor and your mom or a family member who can serve as objective advisors and respect your opinion and choice.

How many wedding dresses should you try on?

  • not a hundred or close to this number. Trying on too many will only confuse you and not bring you any results. Remember you have a limited time to get to Point B.
  • after or before trying on a maximum of 20 or so wedding dresses you will know if not at first which one is your wedding dress.

What to take with you to your dress fitting appointments?

  • shoes with the length of heels you imagine yourself wearing on your wedding day
  • nude tights to keep you covered while switching easily in and out dresses.
  • hair pins
  • strapless bra or solo pads
  • your wish list for a wedding dress

How to stick to your budget and to account for extra costs?

  • before trying on any dress, let the sales person or your credit card know what your fixed maximum budget is including extra alteration costs. You know you will have to customize that perfect wedding dress to fit your body shape.
  • don't try on dresses above your total budget...this is a hard one I know!

Congratulations you have arrived at
Point B! 

You have found your perfect wedding dress!

Having a wedding dress strategy has indeed helped you conquer what you thought was just a dream or a myth.

You know you've found your perfect wedding dress when you find yourself gliding, walking, strutting, twirling, dancing all around you really don't want to change out of it... and you can't wait for the big day to put it on again and show it off to your husband-to-be and beloved guests!

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