Benefits of Used Wedding Dresses

Why preowned used wedding dresses may be right for you and your very special day?

Well, if you have a low budget for your wedding day and are considering renting a wedding dress to save money you might as well consider buying a preowned wedding dress instead. Buying preowned dress can actually be less expensive than renting…and there are many other benefits as well.

Just think about it most brides (hopefully) only wear theirs once—which means there are an awful lot of very-gently-used wedding dresses out there ladies. 

Hence, a lot of almost brand new dresses that could be a perfect fit for you!


Preowned Wedding Dresses

VS            RENTING

Rental Wedding Dresses 

1. Cost

The cost of buying used wedding dresses can start as low as $100! Also your mind can rest at peace knowing that you will not have to face additional fees in case someone accidentally spills red wine on your dress or steps on your dress.

Buying a preowned wedding dress is especially a great option for those fashion forward brides who would love to wear their favorite haute couture designer wedding dress.

The cost of rental wedding dresses typically starts from $250 - $600. A damage deposit of $200+ may also be required. Adding up to a  total cost of $450-800!

A motivational example of how much you can save if you luck out like this budget conscious but smart shopper bride: the bride snatched a Monique Lhuillier Rocha gown in the first day it was put on sale on an online shop. When the seller wore this Monique Lhuillier designer wedding dress, her price was equivalent to $2650/hour that she wore it. The buyer wore the like-new-dress for her wedding for the equivalent of $900/hour!

Tip 1. To cash in on average priced preowned designer wedding dresses at $1317 according to The Wedding Report: do your research. Know what the designer wedding dress retails for, what size you need, and what you are willing to pay. You can sign up for email notifications at your choice of preowned wedding dress websites that can alert you weekly of new dresses listed. Watch for the dress and when you see it, inquire and make an offer right away. Know that popular styles are being stalked by many brides to be. So be ready when the perfect wedding dress of your dreams becomes available.

2. Alterations

Preowned wedding gowns can be altered for a perfect fit at your choice of personal trusted seamstress.

Only minimal alterations are allowed on rental wedding dresses.


3. Availability

If you buy a preowned wedding dress you will not have any time restrictions. You buy when you have selected the one and have money in your bank account. Also you do not have to wake up early the day after your big day and rush to return your wedding dress to the rental shop and avoid unnecessary additional penalty costs for a late return.

Rental wedding dresses are often only delivered 1-3 days before the wedding, and usually must be returned 1 day after.


4. Gown wear and ownership

Preowned wedding dresses might not even have been worn by the owner or worn only once.

It's safe to assume that Rental wedding gowns may have been worn multiple times.

Good to know: Most first owners of wedding dresses are happy to have someone else wear their wedding dress. Really happy. Not just because they have that giant box out of their closet (and a few hundred to a few thousand extra dollars in their pocket), but also because they have great memories of their gown and would rather know that their dress will be enjoyed again instead of becoming moth food in their closet over the coming years.

5. Selection

If you buy a preowned wedding dress, from established preowned wedding dress shops or sites you will have a much wider selection and at least thousands of wedding dresses to choose from.

Rental wedding dress shops have a limited selection to choose from.

6. Room for negotiation

If you buy a preowned wedding dress you can have the opportunity to negotiate with the owner of the dress who is really ready to get the gown out of their house or apartment and is less retail minded than a wedding dress vendor. Do keep in mind that there are other types of owners or sellers who know that their price is already a bargain and are willing to wait for their asking price.

The cost of renting a wedding gown at rental shops or sites is fixed and there is no room for negotiation.

Used and rental wedding dresses do however share one GREAT benefit...

Both choices will deliver the eco-friendly brides a green and sustainable gown without negatively impacting the environment as they continue their habits to recycle and keep the 'cradle to cradle' principle alive.

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